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General Introduction

Ben Thanh Trading & Service Joint Stock Company was established on April 21, 2004 under Business Registration Certificate No. 4103002274, so-called as Ben Thanh General Trading Company formerly, a State-owned Enterprise belonged to Ben Thanh Corporation.

Name of Company in Vietnamese:    CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN THƯƠNG MẠI – DỊCH VỤ
                                                      BẾN THÀNH

Name of Company in English:           BEN THANH TRADING & SERVICE JOINT
                                                      STOCK COMPANY

Name in abbreviation:                       BEN THANH TSC

Address:                                         2 – 4  Luu Van Lang Street, Ben Thanh
                                                       Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel:                                                  (84-8) 38 223 390       Fax: (84-8) 38 291 389



Authorized Capital:                           VND 106,000,000,000.00 (One hundred and six billion
                                                       Vietnam Dong)

Main Industries:

  • Commercial Trading

- Textile fabric, garment products, leather and leatherette products, household appliances products, souvenirs, cosmetics, toys, lacquer paintings, products made from rattans, bamboos and leaves, types of embroidering products.

- Materials, finished-products metals and semi-finished products used in construction and manufacture, irons, steels, aluminums, paper pulps, papers.

- Cool electrical products, household appliances and hand-held electrical instruments, types of locks, mechanical devices and spare parts for Argo - industry - fishery, fire protection and prevention devices, telecommunications and mechanics equipments for manufacture.


  • Services trading

- Restaurants and hotels trading

- Leasing and renting out offices, apartments, Jewelry Trading Centers;

- Trading real estate, import and export services, brokerage services.

  • Financial Investment

- Financial Investment in industries relating to operations of the Company.

- Investment cooperation in fields of travel, restaurants, hotels, trade centers, office buildings for lease, education, health, manufacture…


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